Annandale, Minnesota

I sold Minnesota Computers some computer equipment and it took FOREVER to get paid! I gave it to them for approval, and the salesman told me that they would send a check immediately after the tech looked at the equipment and made sure they were happy with it, I agreed, but after they had it over 30 days no check.

I called the salesman I was dealing with and he said that he turned in the invoice that I sent and signed the appropriate paperwork to get me a check and he would ask accounting whats going on. After another 10 days, nothing- So I called the main number and got the Owner of the company, Richard, he boasted that HE was the owner and he would take care of it right away, just email him an invoice personally,"consider it done" he said, so I did, I emailed him another invoice. After another 10 days, nothing, no check. So I called again, and Richard again answered the phone ( the owner of the company here answers the phone!) and he did not seem to remember me at all, and asked me to send him ANOTHER invoice!

At this point I was getting mad and I asked him what the problem was, and he became suddenly very rude and told me that he was running a huge company that made hundreds of thousands of dollars and many employees to manage and bla bla bla, and wanted anther invoice! Well this was getting to be over 2 months now, and the sales person that I originally worked with told me it was out of his hands. Finally I called Richard again and threatened to report him to the Better Business Bureau, he AGAIN asked me for ANOTHER invoice! ( I swear he was just throwing them away!!) I was really mad at this point, this was wasting tons of my time and MY Boss was mad at ME because we let this company just pick up our equipment on a handshake and it looked like we were NEVER getting paid!

But after the threat, and ANOTHER 15 days, we finally did get a check. I think it was around 4-6 months from when the equipment was picked up to get paid, this is totally unacceptable and very frustrating to work with this type of company, I would warn any company out there NOT to sell ANY computer equipment to Minnesota Computers or YOU will be SORRY and MAY loose your JOB!

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Horrible customer serivce. The owner *** is an incompetent ***.

Plymouth, Minnesota, United States #649811

this company has no idea what they are doing. They are selling wrong PN saying that its correct part even tho part looks completly differnet and does not fit to servers.

Owner Mr Richard did not even bother to talk to me and direct me to Jay Fiber.

I will never deal with this company again. They dont know what they are selling and they try to push *** on you that you dont know what you doing.


They are shocking and have no ethics - I would not deal with them as far as I could throw them, as for Richard I wont post my true feeling, I will just talk about facts.

1) Lives in over draft

2) No understanding of business ethics

3) Socially inept

4) Never pays bills on time

5) Tries to get out of his bills at any cost

6) Sells non compliant products


Dave posted this same slanderous, false statement on numerous review sites. Dave never purchased a thing from Minnesota Computers.

This is a great company to work for. They have been in business for 25 years and we sell nothing but quality products and have great customer service.

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